Covid passport interferes with privacy? “Does not infringe the law”

GDPR news
While advocates of the freedom of vaccination against Covid-19 argued that covid passports reveal sensitive health data and may violate the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR), lawyers and institutions agree: it is not illegal to require a vaccination certificate – reports Rzeczpospolita.
“The provisions on the protection of personal data may not be posed as an obstacle to the implementation of actions in connection with the fight against coronavirus. The European Council for Personal Data Protection indicated that the GDPR is a comprehensive legal act, containing provisions also applicable to the processing of personal data in a context such as this one. on COVID-19. The GDPR allows public health authorities and employers to process personal data in the context of an epidemic, in accordance with national law and under the conditions set out in it, “the newspaper reads.

“In these circumstances there is no need to rely on consent from individuals“- informs the spokesman of the Office for Personal Data Protection, Adam Sanocki, quoted by” Rz “. In turn, Jakub Gołąb from the Office of the Ombudsman for Patients adds that although the GDPR in Art. however, this is an absolute rule. “They can be processed without the consent of the person concerned when it is necessary in terms of public interest in the field of public health, ie protecting against serious cross-border health threats or ensuring high standards of quality and safety of healthcare,” he says.