A record $885 million fine on Amazon. It’s about GDPR – PC World

Latest fines
The fine for non-compliance with the GDPR rules continues to rise. Previously, the record holder was Google, and this time Amazon is on a “pedestal”.

New management Amazon seems to be doing relatively well, but lately, the retail giant has stayed fined in height 746 million euros ($885 million) after the Luxembourg Data Protection Authority (CNPD) stated that the company was in violation General Data Protection Regulation rules during processing Personal Data.

CNPD also ordered from Amazon to change advertising practices but the company did not disclose any details about the proposed changes. Amazon leadership is not satisfied with the fine. She believes that “the decision about how to display relevant ads to customers depends on subjective explanations European Privacy Law”.

The company plans to appeal the decision in court and says the proposed fine is Totally disproportionate. The provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation allow the imposition of a fine of 20 million euros or 4 percent of annual global revenue Ayhama company higher.

Last year, the European Commission showed results of a separate investigation about how Amazon is promoting its products in the region. EU commissioners said Amazon used the data sellers to strengthen Special Products. Depending on the outcome of this investigation, Amazon could be fined up to $28 billion.

GDPR enforcement appears to be gaining momentum after privacy advocates repeatedly criticized the European Commissiontoo slow to act and impose small penalties which in little they are afraid of companies with deep pockets. For a company like Amazon, there are still $885 million a small amount but it’s a lot higher of the 57 million dollars it had pay Google for violating the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation.